Can i remove a large tree myself?

Removing a large tree is a difficult and risky job. It's always best to hire an arborist to do the work, but if you feel the need to do it yourself, you can do it in certain situations. But first, you'll need to evaluate if it's possible to remove it or if it's better to call on an arborist. When removing a large tree near a house, it is essential to control the fall of branches and trunk sections.

To do so, clear the area around the tree of all debris. Then, remove the branches from the bottom of the tree first. Work your way up, removing the top branches at the end. Then, make a notch in the trunk to control the direction of its fall before cutting it down.

This will ensure that people, pets, and property are unharmed. If you use the right equipment and follow the right steps, you can remove a tree near your home. An extension ladder can be used to remove trees near houses, but extra precautions must be taken because it will support the ladder against the tree you are working to remove. Whether you need to remove a dying tree or want to replant a tree somewhere else, it's important to remove it carefully.

If you're thinking about professional tree removal, check with 2 or 3 local services for quotes before choosing one. As soon as you have to climb a ladder to reach and remove branches from a tree, that tree will be too big for you to safely remove without help.