Can you take down big trees next to house?

Removing trees near homes requires taking appropriate safety precautions and following steps to ensure that the removal process goes smoothly. If you remove a tree and its roots, this can cause the soil to fluctuate. This is the same floor on which your house rests. That is, if the earth moves, the foundations can also move and cause serious damage to your home.

Therefore, it may be best to cut down the tree if it is too close to your house. Every tree should have a branch no closer than 15 feet from your house. I would recommend keeping it further away, but that should be the minimum. Read more 15 plants that shouldn't grow under a mapleContinue.

In the end, it's best to have a professional tree specialist remove large trees that are too close to your house. Sometimes, if the tree is on historic property, they will protect it to preserve the property for as long as possible. The tree project is suspended and, before you know it, a year goes by and you still have half a tree near your house. If it's a tree that can still live a significant number of years, pruning and shaping it could help to control or guide its growth a little, as well as keeping it attractive and in good health.

Once they determine which tree it is, they will make recommendations; some will say that there is no need to remove large trees and that it is best to prune the branches.

Tree services

will know how to secure branches to prevent them from falling on your house during the process. However, depending on where you live or what type of tree it is, you may need permission to cut it down or to remove it from your property at the city hall or local city, depending on where the tree is located. Trees need adequate soil to drain, so places with thick sandy or clay soil might not be the best place to plant most trees.

With this tip, you can also take advantage of what you learned if a tree didn't grow properly or you had to deal with pests and use it to ensure that your next tree will do much better. This is where you'll want to consult someone who knows a lot more about trees for advice, such as an arborist or a tree expert. It's important to note that there's usually no need to remove a tree when the tree is only close to your house and isn't really on top of it. While it's nice to have a panoramic view of the trees while looking out the window, it can also be a hassle and even a danger to have those trees perched in the front yard overlooking your house.