Do trees make a property more valuable?

Trees increase property value In short, the proximity of beautiful, healthy trees directly affects property value. Good tree coverage increased property prices by approximately 7 percent in residential areas and 18 percent in building lots. Quality landscapes with healthy trees can increase retail spending by 9 to 12 percent. Trees that increase property value are highly appreciated by both buyers and sellers.

A beautiful, mature tree isn't just one of the best ways to add value to your home: trees add aesthetic value to any backyard or front yard. A tree increases privacy and shade and generally improves the curb appeal of a home. Trees can add value to your home, help cool your home and neighborhood, stop cold winds to reduce heating costs, and provide food for wildlife. The visual appeal of the trees is unmistakable, the beautiful landscape attracts shoppers.

Research has shown that planting large trees can increase property values by 3% to 15%, according to the Arbor Day Foundation. After a tornado destroyed more than 800 trees in Cardington, Ohio, citizens organized a tree restoration committee that called for donations and memorials. New Yorkers looked for trees of unusual size and age, those related to historic monuments and trees of unusual species or locations. If a tree blocks most of your home's natural light, increasing energy costs, an alternative solution to eliminating it would be to prune the trees.

Any self-respecting tree lover knows that trees help the environment by supplying oxygen, improving air quality, conserving water, stabilizing soil, and providing habitat for wildlife. Much of this method is based on determining the “condition class” of the tree; basically, a healthy and thriving tree will always add more value than one that is sick or generally in poor condition. Selecting the right trees for your property requires understanding your local ecosystem and the tree species native to your region. Volunteers who learned about the tree planting through local newspaper articles came on Arbor Day to wrap logs, irrigate, mulch and place stakes 40 large trees that were planted on main streets.

The exact premium a tree can offer depends on many factors, such as where it is planted, the appearance and condition of the tree, and its degree of maturity. According to the International Magnolia Society, magnolia trees are valuable because of their lush green leaves and fragrant flowers that appear in white, pink, purple, red, or yellow, depending on the type of tree or shrub planted. Fruit trees are very valuable, and if cherry, plum, or apple trees thrive where you live, you can't go wrong with a mini-orchard (or even just one tree).