How much does it cost to cut down a large tree in ny?

Difficult projects can cost thousands more when. If you're looking for exact prices for tree removal near you, send some details about your project and receive 5 free personalized quotes from professional tree companies near your location on HomeGuide. The good news is that the cost of removing a fallen tree is usually much lower than removing a standing tree. The cost of removing a dead tree or tree after storm damage may be higher because they are more dangerous to work on.

I have two trees that need to be removed from the front yard, they are not very large trees, but they are draining the water from my house and causing foundation problems. The average cost of removing a fallen tree is about half of what it will cost to remove a normal standing tree. If these are storm-damaged trees, you may have to wait a few weeks before hiring a tree maintenance professional. Trees can become a hazard to your property once they are sick or dying because they can attract termites and rats, reduce their curb appeal, spread diseases to surrounding trees and shrubs, or fall and cause damage to property and people.

As the height of the trees increases, your specialist will add more people to the team, and some of the taller trees will need four people on-site to do the work. Asking a tree service company the right questions can help prevent miscommunication, manage expectations, and achieve desired results. You should inspect your trees after any major storm in your area, especially if your house or any other structure on your property could be affected by a falling tree. There are many species of pine trees, but in general, the average height of a pine tree is between 40 and 60 feet.

This is because a fallen tree makes it easier for tree removal companies to get in and start cutting it down. An arborist can measure the interior health of a tree with a resistography test to determine if the tree is solid, rotten, or hollow. Small trees will be the easiest (and least expensive) to remove, and if you only want to remove the tree from the property, only one person will be needed.