What are people who look after trees called?

Arborists are professionals who care for trees and other woody plants. Certified arborists are equipped to provide plantations, pruning, transplants, fertilizers, insect and disease monitoring and treatment, and tree removal. Arborists are considered tree doctors who specialize in caring for trees. This could include acting as a consultant to determine the type of trees to be used in designing a landscape, pruning them for optimal health and growth, or diagnosing and treating trees with diseases.

Arborists also provide assistance with structural problems that arise with trees by working directly with customers or consulting with landscape companies. Arborists can help people learn and understand what nutrients help trees grow, what diseases infest trees, and how the immune system of trees works. They can also detect any diseases your tree may have and help you address them before it's too late or they spread to neighboring trees. In France, a qualified arborist must hold an ornamental tree management certificate and a qualified climbing arborist must have a tree pruning and care certificate, both issued by the French Ministry of Agriculture.

An arborist can help you plant young trees to ensure healthy growth or maintain existing adult trees. Depending on the jurisdiction, there may be a number of legal issues surrounding arborist practices, including border issues, public safety issues, heritage trees of community value and neighborhood issues, such as property, obstruction of view, impacts of roots that cross borders, annoying problems, quarantines due to diseases or insects, and the safety of nearby trees. You can prune small trees that are your height or less, but let a professional take care of the taller ones, as they have the right equipment to safely climb the tree and remove the branches. One term for a tree professional is an arborist, another is a tree surgeon, and from time to time, you may hear the name of an arborist.

While much of the care and maintenance of trees can be done on your own, the most important jobs, such as pruning tall branches, diagnosing diseases, and removing dead trees to make way for new ones, must be done by a certified and trained arborist. When a tree is damaged in a storm, the branches can become dangerous, or in fact, the entire tree can become unstable. An example of this is tree pruning, felling or cutting of hats, in which the entire crowns of the trees or the main stems are removed, generally cutting the main stems or ends crosswise, leaving large and unsightly stems. They will also help you plant these trees correctly so that they receive adequate light and space and can care for them until the trees have developed well-established roots.

Pruning trees regularly can improve their overall health and growth, and an arborist will know exactly how to prune your specific variety of tree to ensure that it thrives. Finding someone to cut trees near you is as easy as searching for “tree services” + your city. In addition, any tree in the United Kingdom can be covered by a tree conservation order and it is illegal to do any work on a tree, including felling dead trees or pruning, before seeking permission from the local council. Not only do trees offer majestic, natural beauty and provide shade from the heat of the sun, but they can also add value to the property.