What do you call a person who trims trees?

Tree pruners and pruners, also called arborists, cut dead or excess branches from trees or shrubs to clean utility lines, roads and sidewalks. Many of these workers strive to improve the appearance and health of trees and plants, and some specialize in diagnosing and treating tree diseases. People who cut down trees are called arborists. They are also known by the names of tree surgeon or tree doctor.

Arborists also perform many other tasks besides felling trees, such as tree pruning, risk assessments, tree inspections and reports from arborists. Arborists are considered tree doctors who specialize in caring for trees. This could include acting as a consultant to determine the type of trees to be used in designing a landscape, pruning them for optimal health and growth, or diagnosing and treating trees with diseases. Arborists also provide assistance with structural problems that arise with trees by working directly with customers or consulting with landscape companies.

Arborists can help people learn and understand what nutrients help trees grow, what diseases infest trees, and how the immune system of trees works. Tree pruners without an ISA certification often lack formal training in tree biology and diseases, and have limited knowledge of local species. Unlike tree pruners without an ISA certification, certified arborists can also make site-appropriate tree planting and pruning recommendations that add beauty, value, and economic benefits to a site.