What is the name for a tree doctor?

Tree care professionals, known as arborists, are highly trained and knowledgeable about tree care and pruning. An arborist must be certified through one or more international, national or local organizations. In short, an arborist is a tree expert who has studied the science of arboriculture. These specialists take care of the trees and ensure that these majestic plants can live in harmony with humans (as well as with our homes) in a safe way.

Arborists can assume the following responsibilities:. An arborist is a highly trained tree professional. They have a lot of experience in the science of planting, caring for and maintaining trees. Those who choose to work with trees can choose several types of work in the field.

Two of those jobs, tree surgeons and arborists, are often referred to interchangeably, but are actually quite different. Arborists require more formal education, while tree surgeons gain experience in the field. Both jobs can overlap, depending on the company that provides tree services, and both jobs require extensive knowledge and experience working with trees. You can prune small trees that are your height or less, but let a professional take care of the taller ones, since they have the right equipment to safely climb the tree and remove the branches.

The overall health of your tree is critical to maintaining the value of your property and minimizing the risk of future property damage as a result of inadequate tree care. They don't just examine a part of the tree to cut it off, but they diagnose the entire body of the tree to find the right solution. Depending on the jurisdiction, there can be a number of legal issues surrounding arborists' practices, including border issues, public safety issues, heritage trees of community value, and neighborhood issues, such as property, obstruction of view, impacts from roots crossing borders, annoying problems, quarantines due to diseases or insects, and the safety of nearby trees. Both arborists and tree surgeons share an important role in maintaining the overall health and happiness of trees.

A tree surgeon may not have as many requirements as an arborist, but to be a truly effective tree surgeon, extensive experience and knowledge are required. Tree surgeons must learn how to properly prune and prune a tree, including all of the different types of trees. An example of this is the pruning of trees, the felling or cutting of hats, in which the entire crowns of the trees or the main stems are removed, generally by cutting the main stems or the tips transversely, leaving large and unsightly stems. In France, a qualified arborist must have an ornamental tree management certificate and a qualified climbing arborist must have a tree pruning and care certificate, both issued by the French Ministry of Agriculture.

They can also detect any diseases your tree may have and help you address them before it's too late or they spread to neighboring trees. They are also the ones that generally recommend where a tree should be planted depending on the type of tree and its environmental environment. Pruning trees regularly can improve their overall health and growth, and an arborist will know exactly how to prune your specific variety of tree to ensure that it thrives. While much of the care and maintenance of trees can be done on your own, the most important jobs, such as pruning tall branches, diagnosing diseases, and removing dead trees to make way for new ones, should be done by a certified and trained arborist.

There are many respectable and experienced tree surgeons, but there are also many who don't have the knowledge needed to protect and save a tree. We have more than 20 years of experience caring for trees in Sonoma County and can address any tree care needs you may have. If you need an experienced tree care professional near you, call the certified arborists at Vintage Tree Care. .